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Posted On: 18/08/20 16:25
cost-effective online advertising solution from Eyeson Marketing Agencies


cost-effective online advertising solution from Eyeson Marketing Agencies

Eyeson offers Online advertisements using content marketing platform for one year.

Online advertisements will be designed and distributed through search engines, Social media, Content Marketing Platform & referral networks to promote a business for one year.

Ocat Online Advertising Features

Online advertising Solution for one year

SEO-friendly domain for organizing the advertisements as a Catalog

Online Advertisements will be distributed throug Online catalog & Content Marketing Pages

Ocat Online Advertisement is compatible for all devices like Computers, Laptops, Tabs and Mobile Phones

Multiple advertisements under a single catalog

Content Management System

Online catalog page contains Specific URL, Title, Banner advt, Text content, Meta keywords & Meta description

Every catalog page will be Search engine optimized with specific Keywords

Every page has unique URL

Unique Landing Page Design

Suitable for link based Social media post

Advertisements through Content Network (Business Circle)

Online advertisements through Category oriented Content Marketing Pages

Live Report - Landing page Visitors count , Advertisements viewers count, advertisements distributed pages , Referral Network

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